I recently had to replace a scratched up back cover of a Samsung NX1000 camera. I couldn’t find a (free) service manual anywhere, so it took me a while to take it apart.

Let me show you how.

Samsung NX1000

The main trick to get the back cover off is to unscrew all exterior screws. Don’t forget the one under the port-cover.

Once all screws removed, you can easily just take the back off. All buttons and the LCD are attached to this part of the housing, so be careful for the flex cable and connector that connects the back housing to the main PCB. You can easily get the flex out of the connector by flipping up the gray tab (might be a little stuck, but just be gentle, your nail should work fine).

Samsung NX1000

Getting the LCD and buttons out of the back housing is also pretty straightforward. Just unscrew all visible screws, disconnect the LCD flex by flipping up the tab and slide out the button assembly towards the bottom. Then just gently pop out the LCD assembly by lifting the metal plate out of the plastic tabs all around the housing.

Samsung NX1000

This is the old cover, note the scratched screen cover.

I got the new cover from here on Aliexpress. Looked like an exact copy, even the factory markings inside the case were similar.

Samsung NX1000 Samsung NX1000

The old, scratched, cover and the new one!

Ok, I didn’t take the whole thing apart, but I did want the camera to still work once I put it back together. If you do have the service manual for the rest of the disassembly don’t hesitate to link to it in the comments!