• IoT IP camera teardown and getting root password (Updated)

    This post will describe how I inspected the IP traffic of a cheap pan/tilt IP camera. Then continued to open the camera up, connect to the serial console of the SoC; extracted the root password and logged in via telnet over the wireless interface. My goal was to have a look at the security of these very cheap IoT devices, and see how they could be improved.

    Let’s have a look at our victim:

    I present to you the Logilink WC0030A also known as the Apexis APM-JP8015-WS

    Logilink WC0030A

  • CC2538 Dev Board Design Files

    This is a quick follow-up post about the CC2538 development board I designed a while ago.

    CC2538 Dev Board

    I’m currently focusing on the next version of this board, which will be designed around the more capable CC2650. Therefor I decided to open source the previous CC2538 based design, something I intended to do from the beginning.

  • Difference between CC2630 and CC2650

    Texas Instruments released a new family of ultra-low power wireless MCUs (CC26XX and CC1310). They come in 3 different (physical) sizes and in 5 different flavors of supported wireless protocols. There is the CC2620 which supports RF4CE, the CC2630 for Zigbee and 6LoWPAN, the CC2640 for Bluetooth Smart and the CC2650 which does all the 2.4GHz based protocols. The CC1310 takes care of all the sub-GHz protocols, so we won’t be looking at that one in this comparison.

    The price difference between the different models is quite significant: the CC2630, 6LoWPAN model currently sells for an average of $11.87 while the CC2650, multi protocol version currently goes for $15.03.
    So how much hardware difference is there really between these models? Do you pay for different silicon, or are these different flavors more similar than their markings let on?

    Only one way to find out!

    CC2630 vs CC2650

  • Vari-Lite VL2c T-shirt and backgrounds

    As promised, here are the desktop and phone backgrounds based on the artwork found in the VL2c patent by Vari-Lite.

    VL2c T-shirt

  • Inside the Samsung NX1000

    I recently had to replace a scratched up back cover of a Samsung NX1000 camera. I couldn’t find a (free) service manual anywhere, so it took me a while to take it apart.

    Let me show you how.

    Samsung NX1000

  • Tomorrowland bracelet teardown (Updated)

    I got hold of a Tomorrowland bracelet (thanks Jef!) and was wondering what makes it tick. Watch me tear it apart and discover all the tech inside.

    Tomorrowland bracelet

  • Interactive and connected foosball table

    Around October 2013 I helped out with their interactive and connected foosball-table project.

  • Train schedule LED panel

    A while ago I made a train count-down LED display. It’s basically an LED panel that displays the next trains leaving (or arriving in) any Belgian train station.

    Led Panel 1

  • Custom shaped video wall for Sound Of Stereo

    This is a project I finished a while ago (festival season 2012) but I never got around to doing a proper write-up. (See end of post for the movies of the end result)

    SoS Led Wall 2(Dries Verachtert)

    End 2011 Sound of Stereo, a Belgian dj-duo, approached me with an idea for the show of their next festival / club tour through Belgium / Europe. We started working out the idea together and ended up doing a great live-set tour. It involved a custom led-wall shaped like the Sound Of Stereo logo running video, perfectly synced to some great new songs.

  • Scraping French Girls

    It’s not what it sounds like.

    French Girls

    French Girls is an iPhone app where strangers anonymously draw portraits based on “selfies” others have posted. Some of the drawings are hilarious, some of them disturbing, some of them extremely racist, and very few are actually really good. But that wasn’t what I was interested in.

  • CC2538 Development Board (Updated)

    I recently designed and built a dev-board for the TI CC2538. It’s a nice little system-on-chip with an ARM Cortex M3, 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 radio and it runs at 32 MHz. Perfect for all your favorite Internet Of Things (IOT) shenanigans. Contiki supports this chip pretty well, which means easy 6LoWPAN, RPL and CoAP support.

    CC2538 Dev Board

  • Flex PCB equals removable test points

    Just came across the new Square card reader design. Since the reader head has to be able to move around in the casing for optimal friction, and to assemble the whole thing with a P&P machine, Dorogusker used a flex PCB to mount everything. But this also meant he could implement test points on an extra piece of flex that can be cut of after production and testing.

    Square PCB

    Genius! This way you can save a nice amount of PCB real-estate and have a slightly larger and easy to handle test jig.

  • MS8910 "smart smd tester" review

    I just received the Mastech MS8910 smd tester and these are my first impressions.

    Mastech MS8910

    I got it from Aliexpress for 21.56$ including shipping, which seems like a good price for the product. Adafruit and Amazon are also carrying it, although for a slightly higher price.

  • Mastech MS6514 Digital Thermometer GUI


    This was a small in-between project for the Mastech MS6514 dual channel digital thermometer. (It will probably work for the MS6513 too, maybe with some small changes.)

  • Hydroponics setup

    Hydroponics setup

    Hydroponics setup idea.


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